What’s so special about The Red Light?

Good evening all (or morning, to my readers across the pond!)

I wanted to write a post about what makes my novel, The Red Light, so special, since this is a question every writer gets asked when telling people about their work. “What makes your work stand out?” “What’s different about it?” Such questions are part of the job, and so I thought for anyone either wondering or challenging me, I would write a post about it.

For me, what’s so special about my story is not that it reinvents the wheel, it’s not something no one has read before, it doesn’t have shock elements that have never been seen before, and it’s not giving birth to a new genre. But what it does do is combine lots of different elements of different genres in a way that I always felt was lacking in other erotic romance novels. I often found myself wondering why a story had to be so focused on sex in some erotic novels (I’m thinking 50 shades here…) at the expense of great characterisation, or why some romance novels had to skimp on the sexier scenes in favour of being “mainstream”, (a la Bridget Jones). Fans of erotic romance and women’s fiction are all adults, so why must we either choose to have a “naughty” book or a “nice” book. Why not have both? That’s what gave birth to The Red Light!

Sabrina and Eva are modern women who represent real stories and experiences I’ve either had or come across in my own life; they’re not trying to be anything to anyone, they’re just themselves. They like a good laugh, they have normal jobs, but they also love experimenting and exploring their sensual side. Just like we all do! That’s why there’s so many of us fans of erotic romance out there.

So in conclusion, what I have tried to offer you is a book that combines great laughs, great sex and some real emotion delivered to you by characters both you and I can identify with. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and sharing their journey as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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